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Jennifer Lopez's Newest Video Is Apparently A Feminist Anthem!?

We can even forgive the tacky chorus.

Jennifer Lopez's music videos range from apocalyptically cheesy to charmingly disingenuous, but her newest release is raising eyebrows by almost explicitly advocating for wage equality and rebelling against housewifery. Jennifer Lopez was always a feminist hero, no duh, but now she's being rather loud about it!

We can certainly forgive the almost cloyingly repetitive and insipid chorus -- that's no surprise, the track is co-written by Meghan Trainer (yes, that's shade). But the song earns a pass because of the subject matter and accompanying visuals.

Throughout the video, JLo is depicted as an agonized domestic, a hard-working factory girl, and a female liberation insurrectionist, all ready to overthrow our culture's pervasive misogyny and male chauvinism.

Then again: the song is produced by the notorious Dr. Luke -- making it hard to take the claims of gender parity and female empowerment seriously.

Either way, we're all about outspoken pro-lady sentiments, so keep 'em coming Jenny! But maybe work on your list of collaborators for next time.

h/t: Jezebel

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