Jessica Williams Said A Famous Actor Tried To Grab Her From Behind On The Red Carpet

A suit doesn't make the man.

By Aimée Lutkin

Jessica Williams is a goddess come down to earth and I can imagine people groveling to touch her toes. But you know what? Back off toe grovelers. We can look but we can’t touch. While fans might understand personal space, some fellow celebritiesfeel like they have a free pass to do literally whatever they want. On Sunday at Vulture Fest, Williams told a story about an actor who grabbed her at the Peabody Awards the previous evening. Choosing not to name the actor, she said:

"Yesterday, I was doing the red carpet for the Peabody’s so I was doing interviews. I was doing an interview, and all of the sudden, this guy, this popular actor comes up behind me and just grabs me and just pulls me in towards him. I was literally talking to somebody, and was like, 'What? What is happening?' And he was like, 'Yeah, girl. You fine' … If I was at a fucking bodega in Harlem and this happened to me, I would literally stab you. But because he’s a great actor, everybody’s, 'Haha, that’s funny, right? Good one, you got touched.'”

Yes. Good one. Here's one dope queen in her evening finery. Yes, she does look fine, but this picture will last longer than the karate chop to the throat you deserved, guy:

Many actors are charming and handsome and get away with murder. It makes sense that the people watching the incident wanted to see this guy as a rascal, rather than someone who had just assaulted Jessica Williams on the red carpet in front of them. I can imagine wanting to stab both the guy and everyone laughing around me at his “wacky antics.” It does look like she still managed to have a good time:


A video posted by Jessica Williams (@msjwilly) on

Jessica Williams, if you’re reading this, I will happily be your bodyguard at the next fancy event you go to. I’m not strong or fast, but I will yell and flail on the ground to divert attention. Then you make your escape to get those awards.

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