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Jessie J Denies That Luke James Began Dating Her To Help His Singing Career

Singer stands by her man.

Partner, lemme upgrade you….  Jessie J is tired of rumors that her boyfriend Luke James is using her to further his singing career. After reports that they split because he was on the come-up and “raising his profile in the music industry," the “Bang Bang” star took to social media to shut haters all the way down. "I stay quiet a lot about bullshit stories the media make up. But I won't allow them to try and devalue the hard work of an incredible artist. It's deflating and mean,” she says in a lengthy Instagram post.


“When you google @wolfjames scroll past all the bullshit and get to this.” She then proceeds to list a bunch of his professional credits and it's clear she's really a fan of his. For those not familiar with Luke James, the singer/songwriter has been in the game for 15 years and boasts career notches like opening for Beyonce, starring in a 2013 movie (Black Nativity) with Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett, and being nominated twice for a Grammy. Not too shabby.

“When you are famous your private life and work life sometimes blur into each other. And what people think they are entitled to ask, comment and make up sometimes goes too far,” she continues. “
Luke James is currently in the studio writing in my opinion some of his best songs yet! 
And I am so fxcking excited for everyone to hear it.

Rep your man, Jessie!

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