Johnny Weir Says Tonya Harding Shouldn't Be Forgiven (Video)

"She did a horrible, horrible thing." 

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Tonya Harding: Then and Now

It's probably safe to say that Johnny Weir won't be joining any Tonya Harding fan clubs any time soon.

With all the buzz surrounding I, Tonya, the story of the epic — and violent — rivalry between figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan has once again captured national attention. While it's been decades since Harding was banned from figure skating due to her involvement in the vicious attack on her rival Kerrigan, if you ask Weir, Harding's punishment was a fair one.

"She did a horrible, horrible thing," the Olympian figure skater told TMZ after reporters asked him to sound off on Harding's apparent comeback. "She's a pariah in our sport and she shouldn't be forgiven for basically, possibly having the opportunity of ruining somebody's life."

"Unless you're a skater or an athlete you can't really understand," he added.

Check out Weir's take on the subject, as well as his thoughts on Team USA this year, in the video below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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