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JonBenét Ramsey's Killer Might Have Been Her Own Brother

New forensic evidence points to inside the Ramsey household.

JonBenet Ramsey’s death has been a mystery for years. On Monday, the CBS docuseries The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey aired, and new forensic investigations as well as an interview with Ramsey’s brother Burke seems to point the finger at him. 

In 1996, when JonBenet was killed, Burke was only 9-years-old. At the time he told authorities that he slept through the night she was murdered in their Colorado home. In a recent interview with Dr. Phil, he remained adamant that the killer was likely a stranger and pedophile who saw JonBenet at a pageant and then broke into their house.

Despite that, the Ramseys have long been suspected having something to do with the 6-year-old’s death, though DNA evidence supposedly cleared them in 2008.

In the docuseries, the forensic investigators suggest that the DNA evidence should never have been taken into consideration. US Magazine reports that the DNA found in JonBenet’s underwear was so negligible, it could easily have been from the worker at the factory who made it.

They also cite a photo that shows an old spider web across the window the alleged intruder supposedly came in through, saying it was old but intact. Therefore, they conclude no one entered through that route.

The other strands of new evidence are largely circumstantial, for instance: comments on the wealth of the Ramseys and the possible influence they had on the police department at the time. They also straight up accuse Patsy Ramsey - JonBenet’s mother - of writing the ransom note found at the house, with one of the investigator’s Steve Thomas saying it was her handwriting.

The new skepticism of the Ramseys' story has lead investigators to believe that Burke killed JonBenet in a moment of fury, and their parents helped to cover it up for fear of losing them as well. Other interviews with Burke were even held against him as they say he seemed emotionless and distant, and at one point mimed hitting JonBenet on the head with a hammer.

It seems unlikely that this mystery will ever be solved in a court of law, and for one investigator that seems like the most damning evidence of all. Forensic expert Jim Clemente says, “It’s my opinion that the Ramsey family did not want law enforcement to resolve this case and that’s why it remains unsolved.”

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