Judge Orders Christian Mingle To Allow Gays On Their Site

A small victory for religious LGBTs!

By Eric Shorey

Despite the typical American rhetoric which imagines gay rights and Christianity as opposites, many gays are also Christian and it's actually just fine! Now, after a court order, those gays will have equal access to dating websites aimed at the Jesus-inclined, too! Hooray!

According to Out: "The 2013 case brought by two gay men in California argued that [Christian Mingle], which has 15 million subscribers, does not allow for same-sex dating and violated the state’s equal protection laws."

Some settings on the site have now been changed. For example: rather than being asked if you are a “man seeking woman” or a “woman seeking man," you must now simply indicate your sex. (This, of course, is still not great, considering not everyone identifies as simply a man or a woman. But hey, it's a start!)

Sparks Network, which owns Christian Mingle (and, funnily enough, JDate) paid out each plaintiff $9,000 each and $450,000 in attorneys’ fees to the two men’s lawyers. Although they ultimately admitted no wrong-doing, they released an affable statement following the court's conclusion, saying that they were "pleased to resolve this litigation.”

“I am gratified that we were able to work with Spark to help ensure that people can fully participate in all the diverse market places that make our country so special, regardless of their sexual orientation,” one of the lead plaintiffs’ attorneys, Vineet Dubey of Custodio & Dubey LLP, said in a statement.

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