Juror May Have Been In Love With Jodi Arias

Did love cloud his judgment? 

By Eric Shorey

A new twist in the seemingly neverending saga of Jodi Arias has been reported today. According to numerous websites including The Daily Mail, one of the jurors on Arias' trial had fallen in love with the notorious murderess, which may have clouded his judgment during sentencing.

Arias was found guilty of murder after brutally killing her boyfriend (she shot him, stabbed him, and slit his throat) in 2008. The jury ultimately could not decide whether she should be put to death by the state.

ProsecutorJuan Martinez is now claiming that a juror had attempted to protect the notorious criminal from harsh charges and punishments (including the death penalty) because he had fallen in love with her. While Martinez refused to name names, a fellow juror named Tara Harris Kelley is convinced that foreman Bill Zervakos was lovesick. Zervakos is denying that he attempted to make his judgments from anything but a critical place.

It is correct, though, that Zervakos did not advocate the death penalty and was notably truculent when other jurors had questions about Arias.

"When we would go into the judge's' chambers, which was once a week, [Zervakos] would always make eye contact with [Arias] and do the same when he left," said Kelley. "He had said he was a womanizer early on and that made me concerned he was going to be attracted to her. It's just such an odd thing to say."

'It took a great deal [out of me] emotionally," said Zervakos, denying his crush. "It was a very difficult six months, but I worked very very hard to keep it strictly analytical, from a non-emotional point of view."

Who to trust here? Martinez will be publishing a book about the trial sometime next year, so perhaps his accusations should be taken with a few grains of salt.

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