Justin Bieber Fell Off The Stage During His Concert Last Night (VIDEO)

This exit is a 10 out of 10. 

By Aimée Lutkin

Watching celebrities take tumbles will always be a much needed moment of schadenfreude for us plebes. Obviously, you don’t want anyone to be really hurt, but falling on your bum once in awhile when you’re a multimillionaire is the very least you can do for fans. Or haters. Whoever is keeping your name circulating, really.

Excuse the language, but Justin Bieber ate sh*t at his concert in Saskatchewan on Thursday night, and it’s honestly incredible. There’s sound effects and everything:


Do I love Justin Bieber? No. Do I want to see him really hurt himself? Not particularly. Do I want to see him exit the stage like he’s base jumping to the green room? Absolutely.

So far, he hasn’t commented on his spill, so maybe it was all part of an act, and part of the video got cut off. It would be amazing if after falling off the stage he was elevated back up on a platform dressed as an angel, then exited the stadium through the roof.

He did say this about the night:

Cool, glad you had a good time, Biebs. Anyway, you will absolutely never top this Meghan Trainor fall, so it is better not to draw attention to your second-place splat:

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