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Justin Bieber Got In A HUGE Fist Fight, And There's Video

The biebs has hands, apparently.

Will Justin Bieber ever stay out of trouble?  

Footage of Biebs throwing hands at a hotel in Cleveland was caught by TMZ. Not much is known about the pop off, but the bleach blonde boy beauty certainly can hold his own in a brawl.

TMZ speculated that the fight could have been over some aggressive fans asking for photos. Bieber also had just attended game 3 of the NBA finals and was spotted wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt -- so it could have been a post-game sports-fight. Actually, the spar could have started over literally anything in the world. 

Here's the video:

And here it is in slow-mo, if you're inclined towards that kind of videographed violence:

Damn. Biebs went off. Where did he learn to throw hands like that!? You think he was taking lessons from Bad Girls Club? Certainly looks that way.

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