Justin Bieber Wants You To See His Butt... Again

"Dat ass doe"

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Justin Bieber isn't afraid to show off what his mama gave him. The superstar posted another nude photo of himself and proudly captioned it, "Dat ass doe."


As expected, his fans appreciated this nude Easter gift. "[D]amnnnnnnn justin back at it again with the nude pics" tweeted one, while another added, "I just liked a picture of Justin Bieber's ass on Instagram and I'm not ashamed at all."

Some critics brought up the double standard in male and female nudity, pointing to women like Kim Kardashian who get heat for sharing nudes, while Bieber is praised. "[S]o Justin bieber posted an ass pic and is getting tons of praise... Kim K posts things like that and gets tons of hate?? fucked up society," tweeted one. Another added, "All these tweens and women are screaming YAS bc Justin Bieber just posted an ass pic are the same ones that whisper slut when Kim K does it".

What do you think about the double standard in celebrity skin?

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