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Justin Bieber Went Off On The Paparazzi, Is Tired Of Fame

If only it were 100% fun!

The best part of this clip is that the paparazzi know exactly how Justin Bieber is going to react when they start yelling his name and snapping his photo outside West Hollywood Club Delilah. Bieber’s been down on being famous for awhile. He’s done with Instagram, he’s done with public relationships, he’s done with photo ops with fans. The only thing Bieber wants from fame is the money, the women, and the privilege.

It’s no surprise then that he doesn’t want his picture taken by people whose job it is to take his picture. In a short video captured by TMZ, Bieber scolds the photographers for flashing lights and yelling at him on Saturday night.

“Why you guys gotta yell at me?” he asks.

“We can’t say anything to you, Justin?” asks a voice off camera, and Bieber responds, “I’m not saying you can’t say anything,” before ignoring them.

A photographer very politely answers, “We understand, thanks, Justin.”

But as soon as he’s through the door one of them says, “Told you.”

They knew what they were getting as soon as Justin Bieber rolled up—he wants the attention but none of the inconvenience.

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[Screenshots: TMZ]

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