Justin Bieber's Dad Won't Shut Up About His Son's Penis

Please just picture your son as a Ken doll, Mr. Bieber.

By Aimée Lutkin

Celebrity wangs have been popping up all over the place in the last year, most famously Justin Bieber’s. I think we were all fairly surprised by the relative size of Justin Bieber’s penis, but it’s probably a rude thing to talk about to his face...Especially if you’re related to him. Like maybe his dad.

Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy, tweeted at the time that he was “proud” of how big his son’s ding-dong is, writing, “What do you feed that thing #proud daddy.

Pretty horrifying to imagine Justin Bieber “feeding” his penis anything, and maybe Jeremy was a little embarrassed because there was a blushing emoji at the end of that disgusting sentence.

People were appropriately horrified, but Jeremy was uncowed. In fact, he seemed to enjoy the attention so much that he recently tweeted about his child’s downstairs again! This time he shared a photo of the CN tower in Toronto, with a smiley face at Justin. Almost like he’s saying, “This phallic piece of architecture has got me thinking about your erection again, son!”

Thanks, pops.


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