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Justin Bieber's Egging Fight With His Ex-Neighbor Is Far Far Far From Over

This guy is trying to milk the incident for all he can. But can you blame him?

Apparently, Justin Bieber egged the wrong home.

The Bieb's ex-neighbor Jeffrey Schwartz was the victim of an egging incident back in 2014, and Bieber was the culprit. Schwartz and the "Sorry" singer got into an argument about Bieber's loud parties and reckless driving, since Schwartz has a young daughter. Bieber and his friends then egged the crap out of his house, and it was done so viciously that it totaled up to $20,000 in damages. That's some Olympic-level egg-throwing!

Although the pop singer pled no contest to the vandalism and was placed on two years probation with anger management and community service, plus paid the guy a $88k settlement out of court—Schwartz is far from done. Now, he's planning on continuing to pursue Biebs until he feels like justice has been done.

According to TMZ, last year he went for an additional $1 million from the $88k, claiming damage done to his name and citing verbal assaults allegedly hurled at his wife and child. Now, he's back to say that he's owed even more because Bieber spat on him, something that was evident in the initial complaint. He maintains that the incidents caused emotional distress that affected everything from his health (headaches, stomach aches, and insomnia) and work to his personal life.

To prove that all of these things are true, Schwartz is hoping to get a testimony from Bieber's bodyguard Michael Arana about these incidents anda bout Biebs' day-to-day behavior. 

TMZ says that Justin has already stated that he feels the whole emotional distress claim is nonsensebut I guess we'll have to see when a judge decides.

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