K. Michelle Blasted Kylie Jenner For Copying Her Style

Shots fired! 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

K. Michelle and Kylie Jenner probably won't be meeting up for brunch any time soon. K recently came for Kylie over Kylie's Coachella look this year, claiming that Kylie copied her hairstyle.

Bossip reports that K debuted a neon green blunt cut out and about in Atlanta earlier this month, only for Kylie to debut the same hair color and style at Coachella this past weekend. On Instagram, Kylie dubbed it her "highlighter hair," but K wasn't impressed.

"Mood: I like mine better. I do. Mine looks magical like I ride unicorns," she wrote in an Instagram comment, adding #culture. "I think she looks great, don't get me wrong. I like mine better. I said what I said now hush."

She also went in on a fan who defended Kylie, blasting them for liking "untalented" people.

"I can like what I want," she continued, in defense of her original comment.

Take a look at the post below. Whose style do you like better?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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