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K. Michelle Is Looking Brand New...And The Internet Has A Lot To Say About It

She's nearly unrecognizable.

First Lil Kim, now K. Michelle? It's not unheard of for celebs to switch up their style, but K. Michelle's new look has some fans scratching their heads — not to mention, grabbing their pitch forks.

Earlier this week, new photos showed K. Michelle looking nearly unrecognizable, with a white-blond bob and soft makeup. Her skin does look a bit lighter than usual in the photo, but that could be chalked up to a number of things, such as lighting or even a filter. That didn't stop the Twitterverse from jumping onto the skin-bleaching train.

Just like what happened with Lil Kim earlier this week, it didn't take long for the hate to pile up, with fans chiming in to accuse K of getting work done and lightening her skin.

In the past, K has been pretty open about whatever work she chooses to get done, so it doesn't seem like her to be secretive about any changes she may have made. Do you think this is a case of the internet overreacting? Check out an Instagram video K posted yesterday to compare.

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