Kanye And Kim Threatening To Sue Former Bodyguard For Talking About Them

Spilling the tea might've cost him $10 million.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Remember that bodyguard who went off about how terrible it was working for Kanye West because he's a jerk who won't even push his own elevator buttons? Well, he might be regretting his words right about now.

TMZ reports that Steve Stanulis - Kanye's former bodyguard who recently called his old boss the "most condescending man" he's ever met - might have talked himself into some legal trouble.

According to Page Six, Stanulis claimed he was fired because Kanye didn't like him talking to Kim. But now the couple is saying it's all a lie, and are threatening to sue Stanulis to the tune of $10 million.

Allegedly, Stanulis signed a confidentiality agreement which barred him from talking about anyone in the Kardashian-West circle; doing so would mean he'd have to pay them $10 million.

Kim and Kanye's lawyer has already sent a letter to Stanulis, offering him a quick solution: stop running his mouth, or pay the price - literally. 

They've also requested a public apology, and it might be in the best interest of Stanulis's bank account to consider it. When Youtube founder Chad Hurley broke his confidentiality agreement by videotaping and leaking Kanye's proposal to Kim, the couple sued and walked away with $440,000.

Clearly, they're not bluffing.

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