Kanye Fan Is Suing Tidal Over Broken 'Life Of Pablo' Promises

Don't make promises you can't keep, Mr. West.

By Eric Shorey

Tidal is about to face a tidalwave (see what I did there?) of legal battles. The media streaming service is now encountering yet another law suit. This time: an angry Kanye fan is pissed that he was promised exclusive access to The Life of Pablo only to later discover that the album was made available on other platforms.

So, remember that time that Kanye promised over Twitter that TLOP would be a Tidal exclusive, always and forever? For some reason, that tweet still isn't deleted:

Well, it turns out that wasn't the case. Kanye would eventually go on to make Pablo available on a handful of other platforms, angering one fan enough to launch a class action suit on behalf of those who were tricked. Said fan, Justin Baker-Rhett, is suing for damanges and claiming that West's misdirection ultimately saved Tidal by adding 2 million subscribers and $84 million to the service.

Rhett's suit isn't the only one Tidal is currently up against. Earlier this month, Jay-Z himself launched a suit against the former owners of the company claiming he was misled about the amount of subscribers the start-up had before he purchased it. 

On the one hand, Kanye shouldn't be selling promises he can't keep. On the other, if you wanted the album that bad you could probably just have stolen it, like over 500,000 other people did.

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