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Kanye West Is Out Of The Hospital But His Tour Is On Hold "Indefinitely"

Will Saint Pablo Tour ever fly again?

There’s both good news and bad news on the Kanye West front.

After experiencing temporary psychosis caused by over-exhaustion, stress, and perhaps the anniversary of his mother's death, Kanye West was hospitalized. The signs that he was having a difficult time were popping up live in concert, first with a rant about supporting Donald Trump (which may be true, but not something he’d normally expound on in public), followed by a rant about Beyoncé and Jay Z. At that particular concert, he walked out after three songs, leaving fans enraged. Soon after he was receiving medical care.

Kim Kardashian was on her way to a gala when she got the news, but she turned herself right back around to sit vigil at Kanye’s side. TMZ reports that on Wednesday, Kanye was released from UCLA Medical Center to go home and rest. That’s good! The bad news is all his concerts are on hold indefinitely. There is an insurance policy that covers concert cancellations for the Saint Pablo Tour, so hopefully no one is getting screwed over too bad by this news because there’s no knowing if he will bounce back in time for more shows before the end of the year.

Honestly, that’s not too bad, because I probably wasn’t going to get to go to one anytime soon anyway, and all that really matters is that Kanye West recovers so he can come shock and enrage us with his wild ideas in the usual way.

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