Kanye West Just Told The World That He's $53 Million In Debt

Kanye West asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest a billion dollars in his ideas.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Someone please take Kanye West's phone from him. Over the weekend, the rapper/designer/eccentric millionaire has been tweeting almost non-stop, and each update has been stranger than the last.

One of the most unexpected tidbits Kanye shared is that he's millions of dollar in debt - 53 million, specifically. Don't worry though, he's got a plan - once Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg realizes how great he is, he'll totes be willing to invest in his greatness.

Is this all just an elaborate ploy to publicize his new album, The Life of Pablo? Or has Kanye really reached peak-Kanye levels and officially gone off the rails? Kanye elaborated via Twitter after his SNL performance, explaining that he just wants the world to know his struggle.

Whatever's going on, rest assured Kardashian fans - Kim is doing just fine. Kris Jenner made sure to let everyone know that the Kardashian-Wests keep their finances separate, so while Kanye might be having a midlife crisis on social media, Kim is probably relaxing in a pile of money somewhere.

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