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Kanye West's Former Bodyguard Says He's A Nightmare To Work For

"He is the most condescending person I have ever met."

Just in case you had any doubt: Kanye West is not an easy man to work for.

One of Kanye's former bodyguards, Steve Stanulis, has revealed what it's really like working for the eccentric rapper, Page Six reports.

"I had to look after his toddler daughter once and it was so much easier than baby-sitting the father," Stanulis claimed.

So what are some of Kanye's outrageous demands? He refuses to push his own elevator buttons, bans his staff from speaking in his presence, and behaves more like a child than an actual adult.

"I've been employed by a lot of high-end people but I've never worked for someone like him. He's 10 times worse than what you see," Stanulis continued.

The ex-NYPD cop called the rapper the most condescending person he's ever met, and recalled one memorable occasion on his first day when Kanye flipped out on him in an elevator. After getting on, Kanye stood there with his arms folded, eventually asking Stanulis, "Aren't you going to press the button?" When Stanulis answered that he didn't know which floor they were heading to, Kanye couldn't believe he hadn't called ahead to find out and started "squealing" about how precious his time is.

Stanulis was fired after 2 weeks. The reason why? After Stanulis introduced himself to Kim, Kanye ordered him never to speak to her, and after Kanye saw the two standing together in a hallway, Stanulis got the ax.

"I was amazed by the amount of bizarre behavior I saw in just two weeks," Stanulis said. "It is his world and everyone just exists within it. I don't know how Kim [Kardashian] stays married to him."

So Kanye is a nightmare boss, but let's be real here - is anyone actually surprised?

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