Kat Graham Accidentally Copied Beyonce At The 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Kat, that dress is so 13 years ago.

By Jazzi Johnson

The 2016 MTV Movie Awards was full of surprises and drama, beginning with the red carpet. Kat Graham razzled and dazzled in a Dolce & Gabbana dress, but it left some wondering: why does it look so familiar? 

It turns out that the same dress was worn by the Queen Bey, Beyonce herself 13 years ago on The Late Show With David Letterman. It was after the release of her very first solo album, Dangerously In Love, and a year before Destiny Child’s groundbreaking final album, Destiny Fulfilled.

Of course the fashion police of Twitter informed Kat, and apparently, it definitely wasn't on purpose. "OMG just now seeing the photos! Had no idea we wore the same dress!" the Vampire Diaries star tweeted. "She slayedddd! I wouldn't have worn it duh! #beyoncegetsalltheawards."

And then the revelation: "But what if it's the same dress?! And I own it?!" Because, amazing!

With a similar hairstyle, an equally banging body, and a fun attitude about it all to match— I’d say that Kat made the smartest move by exposing her allegiance to the Beyhive on this one. Still, the question must be asked: Who wore it better?

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