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Katy Perry Blasted For "Insensitive" Instagram Post

"Is this a joke?" one fan wrote.

Katy Perry is not having a good week. First, the "joke" she made about Barack Obama during an Instagram Live session completely bombed, and now she's getting slammed for making an insensitive Instagram post.

Earlier this week, Perry posted a photo of the front page of The New York Times on Instagram, presumably to show off the photo they published of her rocking her Margiela look at the Met Gala.

"All the news that's fit to print," she wrote in the caption.

Seems harmless enough, if you ignore the more pressing news also featured on the front page, which include a photo of a police officer being engulfed in flames. Many viewed the post as seriously tone deaf, and didn't hesitate to let Katy know.

"Is this a joke @katyperry?" one fan wrote. "I hope it is."

"Insensitive and disgusting. People are dying everywhere, who cares about your dress?" another commenter wrote.

"Wow, insensitive. There's a man on fire and all you care about is that god awful dress? You lost my respect. Rethink your priorities in life," yet another wrote.

The pic has over 220k likes though, so not everyone had an issue with it. What do you think? Take a look at Katy's post.

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