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Keke Palmer Admits That She Does This To Every Guy She Dates

Hint: she's basically a pro hacker.

If you ever date Keke Palmer, be prepared to have to change your internet passwords a few dozen times.

In a new interview with Women's Health, Keke admitted to a super surprising habit she has when it comes to relationships. While many would probably give you the side-eye for admitting to doing things like checking your bae's phone, Keke had no problem owning up to the fact that she gets stealthy about hacking her boyfriends' social media accounts.

"I'm one of those girlfriends that'll hack into my guy's social media," Palmer revealed. "I'll fish for his password habits — birthday, pet's name — during a casual conversation, then use that to get into his e-mail or his social accounts."

Fishing for password hints? That's expert-level right there, but at least she's honest.

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