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Keke Palmer Gets Real About How Hard It Is Working In The Entertainment Industry

Being famous isn't easy.

Fame isn't all it's cracked up to be. Keke Palmer got candid on Instagram yesterday about what it's really like to be famous — the sacrifices and what really goes on behind closed doors.

The actress/singer posted a throwback video of Beyonce during her appearance on Smart Guy back in the '90s, where she talks about the stress of fame. Keke echoed Bey's sentiments, writing, "There is a false perception about the entertainment business because the point of the job is to make you believe it's so much fun when in reality there are many sacrifices being made aka it looks effortless because that person is doing their job well, not because there's no effort put in."

"I didn't understand this growing up and I thankfully always had a great support system and sense of faith. As I grew and realized I wasn't there for most of my siblings birthdays, or their graduations and plays," she continued. "I realized I was missing out on a lot of stuff with my family and friends and personal things for myself. Stuff that many times we take for granted but those are the things life is ultimately made of. Family functions, backyard bbq's, prom, high school, simply being AVAILABLE to the people that you love and that love you."

"However, it's in these times you are tested on the reasons why you are doing the things you are doing. Doing it for money, popularity, idolatry: one will find themselves empty. Valuable time being spent chasing a tail as opposed to building the dream," she added later.

As usual, Keke is speaking the truth on Instagram. Check out her full post below.

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