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Keke Palmer Wants More Celebs To Start Being Real About Therapy

She offers some very sound advice.

Keke Palmer is pretty young and always in the spotlight, and she never disappoints. She hasn’t backed down from her extended battle with Trey Songz and she made a fool of Wendy Williams on her own show. How does someone get so poised and sure of themselves even under fire? Lots of self-reflection.

In a new interview with Broadly, Palmer explains that her parents were extremely supportive, but one of the best tools she found to help herself was self-care, including seeing a therapist.

“These last years, being 18 to 23, have been so overwhelming,” says Palmer,  “I was an adult and exposed to Hollywood as it really was, and it was a lot to take in and shocking. It was just too much for me.

“I find peace and solace in yoga, meditation, prayer, and also talking to a therapist,” she continued. “These are things that never really seem normal in our society, which is why everyone feels so weird talking about them, but the reality is that I'm a human being. It's not an easy gig.”

When asked why so few stars openly admit to seeking therapy, Palmer says that they’re probably worried about their fan base away from the coast.

“It's not normalized in society as a whole!” she says. “California just doesn't count. CA and NY are places that I wish people would not be so closed off about what they're about. If more people in the Midwestern and Southern cities knew of those things, we would all be on the same page.”

I guess “on the same page” means dealing with our emotional problems with a professional. I can think of plenty of people in New York who still need to do that too, but yeah, the more it spreads, the better. When celebs like Keke Palmer speak out, it might mean a fan decides to seek the help they need. That’s very sound thinking.

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