KeKe Palmer Was Dragged For Her "Queen Of Kush" Tattoo, But She Clapped Back

This is how you come out on top.

By Jazzi Johnson

Actress/singer KeKe Palmer has been doing a lot lately, and apparently she's noticing that we've noticed, too. 

As a young millennial, she snaps religiously. This past weekend, someone took a screenshot from one of her snaps and posted it on Twitter. It quickly spread like wildfire, and her name became a trending topic... accompanied by a roasting.

First, there were these photos. The premiere of her new shaved-head-faux-locs, and her new tattoo with the words "Queen of Kush," written below.

Moments later, people were tweeting about how fire her new song and video was... the retweets on her page go on for daaaaaaays, literally.

She later released this statement, via Bossipabout the incident: “I was trending on Twitter, I have been evolving as a young woman and I notice it has been gaining a lot of attention some good and some bad comments, and that is ok because it shows that people care about me and thinking about me and that is good stuff," she wrote. "One of my favorite videos was 4 page letter by Aaliyah so the vision for the video was a take on that vibe, mixed in with who I am as an artist."

"I have my  'shadow kids' dressed in black, I first introduced them in my 'Enemiez video,'" she continued. "They represent my conscience. I love Aaliyah to me she was a true artist in every since of the word and I continue to just be inspired by her and let my heart guide me as always."

But her slayage wasn't quite done. She then took herself over to Instagram to explain her "Queen of Kush" tattoo that some were roasting, and educated the trolls.


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