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Keke Palmer's Rant On Kylie Jenner's Lips: We "Agreed That She Was Ugly"

Is that a fact?

Everyone loves criticizing Kylie Jenner’s looks. She gets called fake, plastic, and is accused of having more surgical enhancements than her sister Kim Kardashian. Jenner has admitted to getting lip fillers (for a very sad reason) And she’s built an empire around it with constant lip kit updates. But with all the scrutiny she’s under, would it really be all that weird if she did get a few more tweaks here and there? And everyone used to tease Kylie when she looked like this:

Keke Palmer went off on Instagram about the standards women are held to, and railed about the fact that though she doesn’t entirely approve of the Kardashian family, she understands why Kylie Jenner spent some cash on new lips.

She writes in part, “After Trump's win, I really was convinced that we have become so obsessed with making things appear to be real than needing them to actually BE real...Looking at this photo above I couldn't help but stop dead in my tracks because even though I do feel like this family sets an example that it's good to change for societies affection, how can you blame them?

“We don't think that this young woman deserves the attention she receives because of the message it sends but we don't even think about the fact that for years the whole world damn near agreed that she was ugly. A CHILD, that girl was a child and she was bullied and named ugly and not as a character but as HERSELF ... And unlike some that experience such ridicule she had the $$$ to change, she "fixed" what the world said was broken and it worked! Now you are mad that it was that easy?"


The rest of her rant suggests that we as a culture are confused about what we want and expect from one another, though it is also confusing. Not a hundred percent sure that’s what she means when she says, “We wouldn't be so confused or misunderstanding all of these mixed messages that ultimately tell us to trade attention for respect and love for possession. We could instead let our differences TEACH us something new instead of walking around looking, acting and being the same. WE DIFFERENT FOR A REASON.”

Okay. I guess I agree that we send mixed messages to girls and women about what they should be doing to be loved, and how they should value themselves. If that is what Palmer is saying? I know I don’t think Kylie Jenner should get so much hate for her physical appearance, and so does Palmer! I think.

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