Kelly Osbourne Tweets Phone Number Of Ozzy's Alleged Mistress

By Eric Shorey

I had been praying to the dark lord that the rumors about Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were just that: rumors. As things got heated on social media and in the tabloids it's obvious that The Father of Lies was this time telling the truth: Satan's favorite couple are in the middle of a messy split. Now, Kelly Osbourne is jumping into the fray and tweeting the phone number of Ozzy's alleged mistress.

Here's a screenshot of what Kelly's saying about the situation (we blacked out the number of said mistress because the Internet is a morally confusing place filled with ambiguities and complexities, but let's not get into that right now):

Kelly also started clapping back at critics who disapproved of her vengeful tactics:

Hell hath no fury like the child of a devil-worshipping metal singer scorned, apparently.

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