Kelly Rowland Shuts Down News Anchor Over Beyonce Questions

Kelly is not interested in answering questions about Lemonade, so don't even ask. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Kelly Rowland is sick of being asked about Beyonce, and she is not holding back. According to LoveBScott, during an interview with WGN Morning News earlier this week, Kelly was asked about her old friend yet again, even though she was scheduled to talk about her reality show, Chasing Destiny, and her partnership with Claritin and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Host Dean Richards is the first to bring up Beyonce, asking Kelly if she's heard Lemonade yet. While Kelly does share that she's heard the album and thinks it's great, she makes it clear that she is in no way interested in going off-topic. You can watch the now-viral video below.

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