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Kendall Jenner Cleverly Disguised Her Nipples With Junk Food On Instagram

Get This Look.

Whatever you think about the Kardashians, all you have to do is glance around a crowded L train to see that they’re leaders in fashion. There are so many Kendall and Kylie clones out there I’m not sure I’d recognize the real ones if I met them in person. The only way to centralize their brand is to keep us guessing, but it’s never long before the masses catch up. Judging from Kendall Jenner’s Instagram feed, you’ll soon get to see women sporting pizza slices on their nips, and frankly, that's a fashion choice I can get behind:


Kidding, they’re only emojis. Women have to keep finding fun new ways to get around the censors. #FreeTheNipple is a great campaign, because women’s bodies aren’t suddenly offensive because you can see the very tip of their boob. On the other hand, if Instagram does change its policies, all these fun “protest” pics will disappear.

Or not. Kendall captioned this photo with “zaza” not “women should have autonomy over their bodies.” She could be protesting or she could be tricking me into writing an entire blog about her boobs. You decide.

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