Kendall Jenner Just Revealed That She's Dyslexic In The Saddest Way

Kids can be so cruel.

By Aimée Lutkin

Kendall Jenner recently left Instagram because she says it was taking over her life. That means is you’re a Kendall fan you can only find her juicy life stories on her app, which you have to pay for. Well, here’s a lil' tidbit to hold you over. Kendall Jenner is dyslexic, and she revealed how it affected her as a child.

She wrote, “I get asked the question of my ‘most embarrassing moment’ a lot. Looking back, I really only got embarrassed if I said something stupid in front of the class or a boy I liked. One time, in like the 5th grade, we had a spelling bee. I'm a little bit dyslexic and when we went around the room for everyone to spell something, I got the word ‘swimming.’ I switched the letters and misspelled it ‘s-m-i-w-w-i-n-g.’ The class made fun of me and I was so mortified. It's crazy how these things stay with you your whole life!”

Oh my god! I bet when people ask Kendall Jenner what her most embarrassing moment is, they’re probably hoping she’ll say something like, “My top fell off in the pool!” not “I was mocked for my learning disability.” Too bad folks, Kendall is delivering the realness for $2.99 a pop right now, and cute Instagram pics can go straight in the garbage. These are dark times.

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