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Kendra Wilkinson Celebrated Mother's Day With Some Post-Birth Truths

Through it all, she made it clear that her greatest gift has been her happiness.

Kendra Wilkinson, the 30-year-old reality star, did something different for Mother's Day. While some people were showing off a living room filled with an Orchestra, Kendra was happily snapping pics of her stretch marks.

"Look what my 2 babies did," she wrote. "They made me happy," she continued, proudly smiling with the visible effects of child birth on her stomach.


In another pic, she touched on another lesser discussed topic: post-pregnancy infections. "Happy mastitis day," she wrote, referencing a painful infection of the breast tissue about 20% of all breastfeeding mothers experience. "Oops I meant Mother's Day," she continued. "Flashback to the first week with Alijah," her daughter of 23 months who is her second-born child.


Continuing her celebration of motherhood, she sent out two more throwback pics to gush over her two children, beginning with her eldest, her son Hank (who is Junior to her husband, Hank Baskett).


Later in the day, the proud mommy took to Twitter to update on the remainder of her special day.

It's good to know that someone who loves their body and their children unconditionally is (at least, on the surface) receiving a bit of the same in return!

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