Kesha and Dr. Luke Release Emails In Court Over Alleged Emotional Abuse

"I don't give a sh*t what you want," Dr. Luke allegedly wrote in one communication.

By Eric Shorey

Kesha's ongoing legal battle against her alleged abuser continues to get more complicated: after releasing a series of horrifying and damning emails sent by Dr. Luke, the notorious producer has countered with a series of e-mails he sent defending Kesha from her hyper-critical management.

Last week, Page Six got a hold of the emails Kesha was revealing to the court to support her case against Luke, who she has accused of sexual assault and psychological abuse. In these communications, Dr. Luke (real name: Lukasz Gottwald) seemed to be rather strict and at times venomous about Kesha's weight and artistic concerns, both exacerbating her eating disorder and devaluing her worth.

"There have been many times we have all witnessed her breaking her diet plan," the email from Luke reportedly reads. "This perticular [sic] time — it happened to be diet coke and turkey while on an all juice fast." In another email, Gottwald allegedly wrote that "A-list songwriters and producers are reluctant to give Kesha their songs because of her weight."

"I don't give a sh*t what you want," Gottwald allegedly wrote in separate exchange, during which Kesha argued for an alternative, less explicit lyrics to the song "Crazy Kids." "If you were smart you would go in and sing it."

"Rather than agree to a thorough disclosure, Kesha and her representatives improperly publicized, without court permission, three out-of-context emails which do not present the full picture regarding the events they concern," Luke's lawyers said.

Now, Dr. Luke is countering with his own evidence and is claiming that it was Kesha's management who was obsessed with her weight, not him.

One email from Kesha's manager included a strict plan of action to keep down Kesha's weight: Her team "must get her working out again, sticking to a meal plan, discussing with her nutritionist the best ways to discuss weight gain or possibly her returning to rehab for a 'Tune up,'" reads the document released by Luke.

"She really sounds like someone who is doing drugs. soo erratic [sic]," reads another email from Kesha's crew.

In another conversation, Luke attempted to show himself to be more sympathetic: "I know you said you looked like a lesbo but I disagree – you looked radiant and beautiful," he wrote to the singer. "You're doing exactly what you're meant to be doing right now. You're actualizing your dreams. I'm proud of you and love you very much!"

He's also contesting the conversation about the lyrics for "Crazy Kids" and his lawyers are noting that "[t]his self-serving and false characterization intentionally omits the highly relevant fact that Gottwald asked a prominent third-party writer to provide alternative lyrics – specifically to address Kesha's concerns." 

Both sides have declined to give further comments on the issue. The trial is ongoing.

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