Kesha: "We Need To Change" Gun Laws

"Something's not working. People's lives are in danger. We're all in fear."

By Eric Shorey

When she's not busy bravely fighting rape culture or engaged in laser beam combat with unicorns, Kesha can be found acting as a quiet voice of reason. Take, for example, her opinions on gun control, which she recently voiced to an aggressive camera man.

Although TMZ's constant haranguing of celebrities in airports is never not a nuisance for our Hollywood faves, Kesha managed to take control of a recent paparazzi session to make her opinions on America's gun culture known. "We need to change!" she says defiantly into a camera, after hesitating to give her opinion.

Here's the video:

No surprise here, really, given Kesha's outspoken advocacy for the LGBT community, which was most recently terrorized by gun violence. That being said, it doesn't look like Kesha will be playing any concerts to promote social causes any time soon, considering that her ongoing legal battles against Dr. Luke still prevent her from performing new material.

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