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Khloé Kardashian And Chris Brown's Exes May Be Dating Each other

Keep it in the family!

Once again, celebrities bring drama into their lives by dating each other. Though there is a wide swath of humanity thatwould love to kiss someone famous, they go for each other’s exes like they they’re the last cookie in the box and mama’s got a sweet tooth. This new union is a real deep cut. Bossip reports that Karrueche Tran is hanging out with James Harden. If you forgot, Harden used to be Khloé Kardashian’s beau. And Karrueche, well, there’s no way in hell you forget she used to date Chris Brown. They like to remind everybody on the regular.

Last Thursday, Tran and her friend Seiko were at the Rockets game against the Lakers, supporting Harden and killing time until they could all go party at Warwick nightclub. Here’s her date night outfit, supposedly:


Bossip says they met at his white party in Los Angeles last year and have been seeing each other off and on ever since. But Karrueche’s rep reportedly told Bossip, “Karrueche isn’t and hasn’t ever dated James Harden.”

We shall just have to wait and see what Chris Brown blows up about in the next few months to confirm.

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