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Khloe Kardashian's Butt Inspires Kim Kardashian To Work Harder In The Gym

"It's so complicated and twisted in this family."

You've gotta get inspiration wherever you can find it, right?

When it comes to going hard in the gym, Kim Kardashian is all about it, but even she needs a little extra push every now and again. While most of us just have a fitspiration folder on Pinterest to turn to, Kim K keeps her workout inspo all in the family.

Kim shared a video of herself at the gym on Monday, People reports, where she revealed that she actually had a photo of Khloe Kardashian hanging up on the wall for motivation.

"Khloe, you have no idea how much you're motivating me today," Kim said, zooming in on the poster of Khloe's 2015 Complex cover, where she posed on a workout bench wearing only a sheer black bodysuit.

"You guys, the squat machine is no joke and I like to focus on one thing. So I look into her eyes and think she's saying to me, 'Do it Kim, you f*cking lazy f*ck, get up, you can do these squats,'" she continued, adding, "So I'm looking at your butt, thinking about my butt wanting to look like your butt. It's so complicated and twisted in this family."

Hey, whatever works, right? Check out Kim's workout inspo in the clip below.

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