Kid Cudi Inspired #YouGoodMan, A Dialogue About Black Men And Depression

African-Americans have the highest suicide rate in the US, but rarely seek treatment.

By Jazzi Johnson

If you're a Kid Cudi fan, you know that drugs and addiction are nothing new to his repertoire. It's something he's battled and openly discussed in his music. What is new, however, is his open letter about the ways he's felt a failure and a letdown to his family, friends, and fans for having relapsed. His truth about feeling depressed and suicidal was so heartfelt and pure that it sparked a response from celebrities and fans alike.

While depression and suicide in black males is common, the 'man up' mentality often sets most back from even discussing the issue. Taking Cudi's lead, some tweeters decided to push the conversation further. #YouGoodMan is now a home for black men who want to speak about their mental health issues -- and it just doesn't get any better than this. Here are some of the tweets that powerfully added to the conversation:

Twelve percent of African-Americans suffer from depression (the highest rate out of any race), and suicide is the third leading cause of death for black males between 15-24 years of age. Still, less than half of the African-American population ever receive treatment.

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