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Kid Cudi Picked A Fight With Kanye West & Drake, And Lived To Regret It

Unsurprisingly, Drake and Ye are better at trash talking.

Nothing is more tired than ranting on Twitter about haters and fakers in the industry, but that's precisely what Kid Cudi felt like doing just yesterday. Going after artists Kanye West and Drake, the "Day 'N' Nite" rapper came outta nowhere with a social media pop off. Come on now, don't be shady — be a lady.

Alright guess we got to get into it:

Ugh, this again? Didn't we just deal with these ghostwriting rumors? And also: who cares how many people worked on a song as long as it's good in the end?

Considering Cudi has barely had a breakout hit since 2007, maybe this rant is not the most well timed. Anyway, it keeps going:

Sure, Yeezy and Cudi have feuded before, but wait a second, didn't Cudi work on The Life of Pablo? "Whatever we were dealing with, it was a beautiful thing to clear the air about. I’m really happy to be back working with my friends," he told Billboard only a few months ago. Girl...

Ok, whatever.

Great. You're done? Ok.

Here's Drake and Ye's response. Unsurprisingly, they are better at trash talking:

Cool, let's all go back to barely remembering who Kid Cudi is now.

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