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Kim K Clapped Back At Celebs Who Criticized Her Nude Selfie

We've never seen her this mad! Is Kanye rubbing off on her? 

In case you missed it: Kim Kardashian nearly broke the internet again yesterday by posing a completely nude selfie. And as is always the case when a Kardashian does anything, people had opinions - lots of opinions, and a few celebs weren't shy about sharing their thoughts about it on social media.

Like Piers Morgan:

And Bette Midler:

And Chloe Grace Moretz, who opted to hide her condescension under the guise of feminism:

But Kim was having none of it. Just look at her responses:


In case you didn't know - Piers Morgan's wife was exposed during the Ashley Madison hack and claimed she was only a member for research purposes. Brutal, right?

And to add the icing on the cake? She posted another nude pic, this one with the caption #liberated.

This is by far the sassiest we've ever seen Kim. Maybe all these years of being married to Kanye is rubbing off on her?

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