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Kim K Had A Pregnancy Scare Mid-Flight And Shared The Results On Snapchat

Kim Kardasian shared her pregnancy scare in real time online.

Stars - they're just like us! They take way too many selfies, they're obsessed with their Instagram likes, and they have pregnancy scares and document them on Snapchat? If you're Kim Kardashian, then that's totally a thing you do.

Yesterday, Mrs. Kardashian-West was aboard an airplane when she decided to take a pregnancy test at 30,000 feet, E! News reports.

"I'm legit in the airplane bathroom about to take a pregnancy test because I'm having a little bit of a scare," Kim said in the video. "So, no big deal."

Spoiler alert: she's not pregnant. Sorry, Kanye! It looks like he'll have to wait a little longer to expand their family.

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