Kim K Promises More Nude Selfies For Her Haters

"Naked selfies until I die."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Kim Kardashian is a master at breaking the Internet at this point, and while her nude selfies do attract a fair amount of criticism, she's determined to keep doing her thing-- haters be damned.

And it's paying off for her in a big way. In addition to all the money and fame and other stuff Kim is probably used to by now, she also just received a Webby Award.

For those who don't know, the Webby Awards honor "excellence on the Internet," and Kim attended the 2016 award ceremony this week to accept the Break the Internet Award. So what was the basis for her win? "Unparalleled success online," and the instrumental role she played in inventing "a new type of celebrity," E! News reports.

Winners are only allowed to give 5-word speeches, and Kim's was a simple and somewhat brilliant response to her haters: "Naked selfies until I die."

Fitting, right?

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