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Kim Kardashian Admits To Spray Tanning This Weird Part Of Her Body

This is a new one.

There's a lot that goes into looking like Kim Kardashian — like, a lot. We already know that Kim literally pays millions to make sure her outfits are worthy of Best Dressed lists everywhere, but apparently every single part of her look is meticulously thought out, down to the color of her scalp.

Kim recently teamed up with Youtube beauty guru Patrick Starrr to promote her KKW Beauty line, Cosmopolitan reports, and while Starrr was doing Kim's makeup and explaining the importance of blending your foundation into your hairline, Kim revealed that she goes to extreme lengths to make sure her look is uniform.

"You wanna hear another Kim K trick? So mostly your scalp is really pale and I spray tan in my hairline, like in the scalp," Kim said. "So I usually wear my hair parted in the middle a lot, so I'll like spray tan there to so it doesn't look white."

Now I gotta worry about the color of my scalp? I can't keep up with these beauty gurus.

You can check out Patrick's video — and more Kim K beauty secrets — below.

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