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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Reportedly Getting Marriage Counseling

Things are heating up.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have had a difficult, eventful year. Who can forget Kim's traumatic Paris robbery and Kanye's mental breakdown, which happened shortly afterward? All the stress has taken a toll on their marriage, The Daily Mail reports.

"It was obviously a bit tough when everything went down and it was confusing with the stuff going on," said their anonymous source. "But they're doing better now."

Kim and Kanye reportedly had a heart-to-heart recently and decided to fight for their marriage. Following West's breakdown, Kim was "conflicted" over the future of their relationship but ultimately decided that it would be better for their two children if she and Kanye made it work.

"[Kim] wants them to get therapy, counseling, and for them to get through this together. Right now, they're both individually recovering - her from a traumatic experience and him from going crazy," their source said. "But once they get through this and get back in shape, they're going to do counseling to see if they can save this [their marriage] for the sake of the kids."

According to sources, Kim's family loves Kanye and they're crossing their fingers that when the couple does start counseling, it'll help the situation. In the meantime, the entire Kardashian family is hoping just to get through the rest of the year without any more scandals.

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