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Kim Kardashian Finally Explains Why She Loves Nipple-Baring Outfits

It's a lot simpler than you'd guess.

If there's one thing you can say about Kim Kardashian, it's that she's not afraid to turn heads. The reality TV superstar is known for showing off her bodacious body whether she's attending red carpet events or just out and about being photographed by the paparazzi. But while Kim's most famous feature is arguably her derriere, she's been making headlines lately for the sheer tops and dresses she's been rocking.

So is Kim #TeamFreeTheNipple? In a recent post on her website/app called "Sheer Vibes," Kim explained why she's been rocking a lot of nipple-baring looks lately, and the answer is way simpler than you'd probably expect.

"I have always loved sheer," Kim wrote. "I just don't GAF, LOL."

Um, fair enough. Are you a fan of Kim's more risque looks (like the silver number she posted on Instagram last week), or do you think nipples should be left to the imagination? Maybe she's just following her sister's lead.

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