Kim Kardashian Is Getting Blasted Over A Picture Of Saint West

The debate on Kim's Facebook page is getting insane.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Kim Kardashian has found herself at the center of controversy yet again. No, it has nothing to do with controversial Kimoji designs, tweets about terrorist attacks, or blackface; this time, Kim is getting slammed over her parenting choices.

Kim took to Facebook over the weekend to share a super adorable photo of Saint West in his car seat. The pic now has almost 2k comments, but what really got people talking wasn't Saint's cuteness factor, but rather, the fact that the 1.5-year-old was sitting in a forward-facing car seat.

As pointed out, California law dictates that children under the age of 2 must ride in a rear-facing car seat unless the child weighs 40 or more pounds or is more than 40 inches tall. Saint won't turn 2 until December, but no one really knows how much Saint currently weighs or how tall he is. Still, the photo sparked World War 3 in Kim's comments.

"It pisses me off how many people don't care about their kids being in carseats the right way," one commenter wrote.

Some fans seemed genuinely concerned for Saint's safety.

"Look, I'm not trying to judge or anything," wrote one fan. "All mom's aren't perfect and we all make mistakes. But clearly he isn't facing the right way. From mommy to mommy please rearface him until two. With all the paparazzi following you all the time you're at a bigger risk getting into an accident."

Plenty of fans came to Kim's defense, with one writing, "Hey car seat police... Go weigh the kid and see how tall he is, then you can have an opinion. Go hide behind your keyboards and computer screens and continue to find things to troll about. Remember when you were a kid and didn't have car seats? Get a life. Not your kid, not your problem."

"Give her a break, can't she feel normal posting her child without everyone shaming her? It's her child, and how does anybody know his weight & height, even if he's not of height or weight, what if he's uncomfortable with his feet smashed against the seat while rear facing?" said another.

What do you think? Which side of the car seat debate are you on?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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