Kim Kardashian Is Getting Called Out On Twitter For Copying Rihanna


By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Kim Kardashian is getting blasted on Twitter again. What's the issue this time? No, it's not blackface or general shadiness — this time, Kim is getting accused of stealing designs from Rihanna, Teen Vogue reports.

Kim recently posted a pic of her latest offering on Twitter: faux fur slides for children, which you can purchase for any fancy kids in your life for only $48.

The internet is a shady place, so Twitter users wasted no time drawing a comparison between Kim's shoes and Rihanna's FentyxPuma faux fur slides. Here's a picture of a pair of Rihanna's fur slides, to jog your memory.

Do you think Kim's design is too similar to Rihanna's? Some on Twitter certainly thought so, and wasted no time in letting Kim know. Check out some of the shadiest (and funniest) reactions below.


[Photo: Getty Images]

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