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Kim Kardashian Is Not Leaving Kanye West At The Hospital

Not even while the cameras are off.

Kim Kardashian is having a bad 2016, too. She was held at gunpoint in her hotel in Paris and had over four million dollars worth of jewelry stolen, including an engagement ring from her husband Kanye West. She basically went into hiding and was supposedly questioning her entire life and approach to social media. She was accused of faking the whole thing, possibly just to get a butt reduction. Then, just when she was planning to make her first public appearance, Kanye started to unravel onstage.

His first rant in which he shouted his support of Donald Trump shocked and enraged fans but seemed like classic Kanye trolling. But by the time he shut down his second concert in a row - with ramblings about being mistreated by Beyoncé and Jay Z - things had taken a darker turn. It was soon reported that West was being held for observation at the hospital and was suffering from dehydration and delusions likely brought on by exhaustion. Kim jumped on the plane to be by his side.

TMZ reports that Kim has been at the UCLA Medical Center all week, and a source told them, “She has been an unbelievably devoted spouse. He's a lucky man."

It’s always hard to know how real a celebrity relationship is, especially when so much of it is conducted in public for the cameras. It seems like Kim does know how to live right even when no one is looking, and she’s there for the only guy who has ever been able to keep up with her. 

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