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Kim Kardashian Once Called Herself The "Biggest Taylor Swift Fan"

Oh, how times have changed.

Well, this is awkward. Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift may be sworn enemies these days, but once upon a time, Kim's feelings toward Taylor were a totally different story.

During a 2009 interview that's recently resurfaced, Kim not only showed major love for Taylor, but referred to herself as one of the singer's biggest fans.

"I love Taylor Swift. I'm the biggest Taylor Swift fan," Kim told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm watching her on Twitter. I just signed up for Twitter and I'm watching you, Taylor! Following."

Ironic, right? It looks like Taylor was one of the first people Kim ever followed on Twitter, but now the two use social media to take shots at each other.

Check out ET's throwback clip of Kim below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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