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Kim Kardashian Revealed That She Has 6 Body Piercings

That's not all she revealed either.

When most people think of Kim Kardashian, they probably don't think of piercings. Joke's on them though, because, in a recent post on her website, the reality TV star revealed that she has more than most people would think.

In a list of things that people may not know about her, Kim revealed that she has six body piercings, AOL News reports. Where are they, though? It's nothing too crazy — her belly button's pierced, and she has one piercing in her right ear and four on her left.

Kim also revealed a few other unexpected things about herself, like the fact that she has a freckle on her eyeball, and that she sleeps with her eyes slightly open and it "scares the sh*t out of people." She also loved playing with bees as a child, and hates cardboard.

So, there you go! If you ever go to a Kim Kardashian-themed trivia night, you'll be ready.

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