Kim Kardashian Sparks Twitter Debate After Dressing Up As Aaliyah For Halloween

Should Kim's costume be considering cultural appropriation?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Kim Kardashian really did it big for Halloween this year.

The reality TV star paid homage to some of her favorite music icons, dressing up as Madonna, Cher, and Aaliyah over the weekend, People reports. Unfortunately for Kim, while Cher herself may have loved her Cher costume, not everyone was feeling her tribute to Aaliyah.

Kim recreated Aaliyah's iconic "Try Again" look, complete with bejeweled choker and matching bra. She shared a video documenting her outfit on Twitter, writing in the caption, "Baby Girl Aaliyah."

Some on social media criticized Kim, calling her costume problematic.

Others defended Kim's costume choice.

What do you think? Was Kim out of line this time?

[Photo: Twitter, Instagram]

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